Erica Swiatek hosts...

Play That Pays:
Deliberate Use of Play Theory in Facilitated Experiences


Friday, October 13th



Erica Swiatek, self-proclaimed Play Ambassador, has made it her life’s mission to find ways to help adults be more playful by combining her expertise on adult learning theory, creativity and playfulness.  Her experiences in exploring these sciences has led her to discover ways to make play both effective and profitable.  In this session, Erica will share her journey from corporate trainer, to facilitator to business owner, as she welcomes you to her Buffalo-based business, 3600 Escape.   

You will be introduced to real life examples of how Erica has used play in consulting and facilitation to overcome challenges in change, to build teams, accelerate learning and creativity in stealthly and upfront ways.  You will also get to experience her recent venture and play one of 3600 Escape's rooms.  After you play, Erica will walk through how she uses this popular recreational activity to take teams from a team bonding to a true team building experience using tools like the learning cycle and FourSight. 


Haven't experienced an escape room and wondering what it is? An escape room is a live action game where you are dropped into a story and have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, find clues and collaborate to accomplish your mission. 


Visit 3600 Escape here:


Pre-requisite: Participant's in this session should have prior knowledge of their Foursight profile.  If you have not taken Foursight, or wish to retake it, you may do so here: ([please note there is a fee to take the assessment)























Ginny Santos hosts...

Diverge & Converge
the Digital Way

Friday, October 13th



If you need to instantly share ideas across the room, in a classroom or across the world... if you want to facilitate decision-making in real time, with graphs and charts... if you need to facilitate from 6 to 600 in a single room—or across the web... if you need a way to grab online or smartphone visuals to showcase a prototype or expand ideas... if you want a simple way to eliminate bias during evaluation... If you’d love to plan faster and more flexibly using templates (your own or others)... if you want to generate instant reports and never again transcribe another sticky note or flip chart… then Stormz is exactly what you need.

This workshop will give you the basics you need to become Stormz certified.

By the end of the day you will:

  • Be confident designing and facilitating simple Stormz sessions.

  • Understand best practices for online synchronous and asynchronous facilitation.

  • Be able to blend digital and non-digital facilitation tools.

  • Be ready to complete your certification by putting the learning into practice on your own time. To become certified you will need to create your own Stormz template and facilitate two practice sessions.














Sarah Thurber hosts...



Friday, October 13th


Join a FourSight festival of new tips, slides, stories, research findings, giveaways and workshop activities. We’re inviting FourSight certified users to a day of fresh offerings that can help you spiff up your practice. Learn to deliver creativity programs that are memorable and “sticky” with these tips from FourSight experts. 

  • New participant giveaways

  • New FourSight app

  • New FourSight activities

  • New research on ADHD, Leadership, Occupations and more

  • New slides on preferences as an “energy wave”

  • New success stories

  • New edition of the FourSight Presenter’s Guide


**Must be certified in FourSight to attend.







Doug Reid hosts...

The Listening Dialogues


Friday, October 13th



“We can only fully understand the role of listening within
creativity when we come to grips with how the mere
presence of our consciousness shapes the world around
us. When we listen, we open those doors that our ideas,
senses and related tools select from the much broader
field of possible experience. This practice gives birth to
some potential avenues for interaction and development
and closes off others. Listening becomes the cornerstone
of creative activity.”

- David Castro

Listening is a sacred art. It is simple and it is complex. And, it is perhaps the greatest gift that we can give to humanity. Doug Reid and his friend and colleague, Jennifer Quarrie discovered that they share a passion for the power of listening and being understood. In 2016, they embarked on a journey of sorts, a series of conversations about listening. Join Doug as he tells their story. In this workshop, Doug will share their process and the essence of these conversations and invite you to continue the conversation with him.

In addition, you will:

  • Think about listening in some new ways;

  • Assess your listening intelligence;

  • Consider how we “hold the space” when we are the listener—with individuals or groups;

  • Experience effective listening; and,

  • Learn some listening tools.

**Pre-conference workshops have limited availability.           Register today to reserve your spot!

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