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Janice Francisco is an organizational development and innovation consultant who operates at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation to improve organizational performance. She gets a real kick out of connecting individuals to their own creativity and helping managers and teams solve complex challenges, foster cultures of innovation, and boost creative, critical and strategic thinking. She has over 20 years experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors and is recognized as an expert on government innovation, which she insists, is by no means an oxymoron.  Janice graduated from ICSC in 2007 with a MSc Creativity and Change Leadership. She has great passion for the Creativity Expert’s Exchange and what it has to offer the ICSC community and is excited about being able to contribute to the redesign of the CEE experience.

Throughout his career, Tim has helped Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK create innovation, marketing, new product, and workplace transformation programs. In the process, he's seen how barriers to creative and productive thinking are also barriers to success — for individuals and for groups.
He speaks regularly about how to use the principles of productive thinking and creative leadership to manage change rather than be swamped by it. He shows how organizations can foster a creative working environment, stable enough to provide cultural continuity and flexible enough to adjust to rapid changes in technologies, markets, and mandates.
He has written numerous articles on enhancing creative intelligence in the workplace, and is a periodic contributor to Creativity in Action, the journal of the Creative Education Foundation. He's a faculty member of the Creative Education Foundation, a founding director of Facilitators Without Borders, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Lessing Institute, and one of the founders of Mindcamp. Tim's book Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking (McGraw Hill, NY) is available in bookstores everywhere.

Clara is a partner of PIENSA, an international consulting firm from México, specializing in organizational development and creativity facilitation.  She works with organizations across Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and Asia facilitating creativity and innovation, helping manage change and transition, and enhancing teamwork and leadership. For more than 20 years, Clara has worked in a variety of fields including consumer goods, publishing, media, cosmetics, insurance, telecommunications, online services, advertising, and social services. She has worked with both large and small companies on a wide variety of issues, ranging from the University classes to new product approaches for organizations.

 As one of Mexican's pioneers of idea marketing, Clara has helped major corporations create bottom-line innovation, marketing, new product, and workplace transformation programs. In the process, she has seen how barriers to creativity are also barriers to success — for individuals and for groups. She has trained more than a thousand executives in improving their thinking skills and their ability to communicate ideas. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker on the subject of creative intelligence and how organizations can foster more innovative environments.

Clara holds a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College. She is General Secretary for the PDMA Mexico, a member of the American Creativity Association, and a leader for both the Creativity European Association (CREA) and the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI).





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Kathryn Haydon, co-author of Creativity for Everybody (2015), works to support a paradigm based on creative strengths. She is an author, speaker, facilitator, and specialist for organizations, students, and families nationwide.  Kathryn writes for publications on education, creativity, and parenting highly creative and gifted children and is a published poet.  She founded Sparkitivity (www.sparkitivity.com) to engage “square peg” students and to support the adults who want them to succeed. She holds a Master of Science in Creative Studies from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at State University of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University.





Molly Holinger holds a Master’s of Science in Creative Studies from the International Center for Studies in Creativity. She is a former graduate assistant of the International Center for Studies in Creativity and a former creativity teaching assistant and research assistant at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut. Her publications include the essays “The Creative Religion” in Stone Voices Magazine, “Why is Creativity in the Self Help Section?” in Big Questions in Creativity 2016 and the textbook Building Your Creativity (co-author).  

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Ginny Santos uses her expertise in creativity and innovation to facilitate productive collaborations,

design online and in-person trainings and to teach creative thinking and Creative Problem Solving. Ginny is a STORMZ consultant and facilitator and is also a member of the Faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University. where she teaches Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. Ginny's consulting practice incorporates Creative Problem Solving (CPS), STORMZ, Productive Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Image Streaming, and FourSight. Ginny is originally from Spain, and has been based in Canada since 1995. She is a creativity enthusiast, a dancer, a mother, a soccer coach, an ongoing learner, an engaging trainer, effective facilitator and a creative planner.


STORMZ Facilitator and Trainer

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Russ Schoen is a partner at FourSight, in charge of supporting and developing the FourSight practitioner network. In addition to coaching, training and designing learning events, Russ works as a facilitator, speaker and trainer in the areas of deliberate creativity, innovation, high performance and change leadership. He has facilitated programs worldwide including programs in Singapore, Italy, Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa and the US. In addition, Russ is adjunct faculty at the Center for Studies in Creativity where he teaches graduate courses in facilitating creative process.

In addition to his work with organizations, Russ is a co-founder of the Creative Youth Leadership Academy (www.creativeyouthleadership.org) which helps train young people to adopt a mindset and apply a toolset to help them see more options in their lives and to make healthier choices.

Russ holds a Master of Science in Creativity from the State University of New York at Buffalo and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory specializing in improvisation. When not working, Russ spends his free time in Chicago improvising and practicing aikido. 




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Jenna Smith is the Coordinator of Assessment and Marketing in Career Services at the University at Buffalo (UB).  Smith's position focuses on transforming the UB Career Services brand experience internally and externally as well as building an assessment culture to inform leadership, strategic and departmental decisions.

In addition, Smith is the Co-Founder and Director of Adventure and Curriculum Design at The Beyonder Academy, an education initiative in partnership with the International Center for Studies in Creativity focusing on empowering youth and educators to achieve creative potential through innovative education. Smith has worked primarily in higher education marketing, development and alumni relations but has also held positions in healthcare events management. She received the Parnes-Noller Scholarship and was nominated for the best master’s project in 2012 for her work on “The Beyonder App.” She holds a bachelor's degree in public communication, a master's degree in creative studies and is certified in Foursight. She also owns Jennaration Nest, an evolution of her creativity consultancy business Jennaration Creative. Jennaration Nest is a creative makerspace experiment, where Smith imposes constraints on herself such as low funds, a limited do-it-yourself skill set and a need to re-purpose items with the goal of making beautiful things to teach or share with others. 








Contagious Creativity Platform




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Tim is the Director of Leadership Development at SUNY Buffalo State where he is responsible for providing ongoing learning and development opportunities for professional staff and faculty of the college related to their leadership effectiveness. Tim is also founder and president of Darwin Associates where he provides training, facilitation, coaching and consulting services to international clients focusing on the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Change Leadership, Creativity and Innovation. He holds a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Innovation from the International Center for Studies in Creativity and serves as an adjunct faculty and guest lecturer. Tim is one of the co-founders of CREA Conference and currently serves as the program coordinator. He also regularly serves as a workshop facilitator at MindCamp and at CPSI.

Laura Barbero Switalski, M.S., is an adjunct lecturer at the ICSC. She is a partner of Darwin Associates, a consulting firm in Buffalo, New York, specializing in organizational growth, creativity and change leadership. She works with organizations across North America, Central America, and Europe to facilitate creativity and innovation, help manage change and transition, and enhance teamwork and leadership. Born and raised in Italy, Laura lives now in the United States, in Buffalo, NY, and has an extensive experience in working internationally and facilitating cross-cultural teams.  Laura is co-founder of CCC (Center for Certification in Creativity), an organization devoted to the dissemination of creativity and the development of creative leadership and facilitation skills, in partnership with the International Center for Studies in Creativity. She is a founding member and organizer of CREA Conference and President of the Board of Directors of CREA Italia, the association that sponsors CREA Conference. She holds a M.S. in Creativity from Buffalo State, State University of New York. Laura has coauthored the book Creativity Rising. Creative Thinking and Creative problem Solving in the 21st Century, published by ICSC Press in April 2012.

Driven by a passion for social innovation, creative environments, and leadership development, Randah Taher’s 20-year experience includes the design and execution of: the “Creative Institute of Toronto’s Young Leaders (CITY Leaders), the Montreal-based storytelling powerhouse “My Arabic Story”, the bookbinding creations of “YomiCal” and the creative crowd experiences with the “Contagious Creativity” platform.

Her Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership gave way to her research and work interest in multidisciplinary fields such as Design Leadership, Temporary Architecture, Biomimicry, as well as Visual and Participatory Design Methodologies, contributing through roles in teaching, coaching and facilitation. Click here to read Randah's work.

Pamela Szalay, M.S. 2008, co-founder and Director of Play for the Beyonder Academy, and is proud to bring an immersive creative experience to the kids at CEE. Drawing from a background in creativity, music, education and business, Pamela is committed to developing individual creative potential through play and project experiences. She works with children of all ages, including those adults who need to re-connect with a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity!  She has worked with individual schools as a trainer and consultant, published articles on creativity and education, and presented to over 70 educators in China. She still hasn’t quit her day job, though, and enjoys teaching piano and creative musical expression at her private studio in Williamsville, NY.

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Sarah Thurber is a creativity author, expert and entrepreneur. She graduated with an MS from the ICSC in 2012, became managing partner of the FourSight company and recently co-authored the book The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker with her classmate (and fellow “Supreme”)  Dorte Nielsen. Sarah recently took on the role of president of the ICSC alumni with the personal aim of elevating the reputation of the ICSC and bringing together its remarkable “tribe.” She sees CEE as the perfect opportunity to achieve both those goals.


Peter Zapf is a design planner focused on helping organizations realize what is next for their stakeholders through a values-driven design process. As Design Planning Lead at Fogpilot, a Chicago-based consultancy, he facilitates strategic planning, brand design, and creative problem solving and innovation workshops.

He has worked in advertising and marketing since 1986, writing and providing marketing strategy at nationally renowned agencies including Carmichael Lynch, DDB, The Leap Partnership, McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown, and :gyro. His work has received local, national and international awards. 

In addition to his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, Zapf has a Masters of Design Methods degree (MDM) from Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design, a leading center for human-centered innovation planning education.

Zapf is an adjunct professor at the Institute of Design and teaches Design Analysis and Synthesis and conducts innovation workshops with its executive education team. He also works with the Strayer Executive Education Center within the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame, teaching sessions for the Certificate in Innovation Management and Introduction to Design Thinking for its Certificate in Business Management. 

For reasons he yet to grasp, he twice completed a 14-day course from the Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS).





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Jim is an award-winning entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience in brand management, strategic marketing, creativity, sales and business management. He has obtained a BFA in Graphic Design from Michigan State University and MS in Creative Studies from SUNY Buffalo State, Buffalo, New York.

From 1995 to 2007 Jim was CEO/Principal of Publicom Inc., a full-service marketing communications firm located in East Lansing, Michigan specializing in service brand management for clients throughout the Midwest.

 Following the firm’s sale, Jim held executive positions with McLaren Health Care Corporation, Flint, Michigan and Lifestyle Lift, Troy, Michigan. He is currently the Chief Change Agent and Owner of Stitch Brand & Culture, a firm that specializes in the development of executive teams in strategic execution, entrepreneurial leadership and the cultivation of innovative, collaborative organizational climates.

Jim is a CEL Reactor, Certified Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer and holds certifications in VIEW, KEYS, LPI, FourSight and SOQ.

Hi I'm Mike, and I'm a transformation junkie. I am a former technology guy who discovered I have more passion for developing people. I enjoy synthesizing organizational dynamics to bring clarity of out ambiguity. I work for IBM. I’m a fan of professional networking, especially over buffalo wings. I'm also a certified rock balancer. But my true passion is facilitating the FourSight thinking profile. I love to show teams where their collaborative energy lies and help them augment their strengths to make them creative powerhouses.

















Selcuk Acar is an assistant professor and the coordinator of leadership minor program at the International Center for Studies in Creativity. His research and teaching interests include creativity, leadership, and gifted education. He earned his Ph.D in educational psychology from the University of Georgia, where he studied creativity, divergent thinking, and the education of the gifted and talented. Before that, he received his M.A. in gifted education from Istanbul University, Turkey. He studied leadership skills of the gifted students in his master's thesis.
Dr. Acar presented his research at the major conferences and published many of them in the peer-reviewed journals. Most of his studies utilized quantitative methods and he is interested in applying advanced quantitative methods in his research.


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Jeannie Bross-Judge is an event consultant who uses her creativity background and her love for ideation to help organizations plan innovative experiences for participants. She has more than 25 years of experience in non-profit management in the areas of marketing, communications, fundraising and development, event planning, program management, and member relations. She earned a

master’s degree in Creativity and Change Leadership  from the State University of New York (Buffalo State).  Her current endeavors include directing the Creativity Expert Exchange (CEE) for the International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo, NY; serving as an event coordinator for the U.S. delegation to the 2016 World Youth Day USA in Krakow, Poland; producing

program for the Mid-Atlantic Congress in Baltimore, MD; and working as the Director of Marketing and

Communication for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry in Washington, D.C.  In the midst of her travels, she always finds her way back to Minnesota where she lives with her husband and three awesome teenagers.

Dr. Cyndi Burnett is an Assistant Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at

Buffalo State. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, a Master of Science in Creativity, and a

Doctorate of Education in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, all of which she uses to help “ignite creativity around the world.” Her research interests include: holistic approaches to creative problem solving, the use of creative models and techniques with children, creative thinking in higher education, and current trends in creativity. She is the co-editor of the Big Questions in Creativity book series and co-author of the books Weaving Creativity into Every

Strand of Your Curriculum and My Sandwich is a Spaceship: Creative Thinking for Parents and

Young Children.

Tamara Doleman is the Head of Visual Arts at Ashbury College in Ottawa, Canada. A passionate educator of close to 20 years. Holding qualifications as art specialist, a junior classroom teacher, Special Education and IB. As a graduate student at ICSC, Tamara has taken a keen interest in researching practical ways to nurture creativity in schools. She is

curious about the factors that contribute to learning, collaboration, resilience and self-actualization. Tamara has discovered that ancient spiritual practices have impact on creativity. She a practicing art-maker, a loving wife and a busy mother of two bouncing boys.

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Helene Cahen is passionate about new ideas and creating change. She graduated from ICSC in 2008. She has been attending CEE every year and  presented several workshops on design thinking and contract writing.  She is excited about helping redesign the CEE experience to make the conference the must-go event for the alumni and worldwide experts in the field.


As a consultant, Helene facilitates, teaches  and coaches innovation in large corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations. In addition she has been a facilitator, coach and lecturer for the Haas School of Business and was the VP of Innovation for a start-up, Decorist.


In 1984 Roger joined the faculty of the International Center for Studies in Creativity. He currently serves in the role of Senior Faculty. Roger was the seventh person to earn a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies in 1979. . He earned his Doctor of Philosophydegree in Organizational Communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo in  1987.
Roger has been called “The Gold Standard” of creativity training by his clients which include:  Disney, AT&T, Clorox, Los Angeles Times, Farmers Insurance, General Electric, General Mills, Merck, UBS, the American Hospital Association, Young Presidents Organization, University of Southern California Medical Center, the Federal Executive Institute, US Air Force, US Agency for International Development, Department of the Treasury and NASA.
Dr. Firestien is the author of over 80 articles, books, audio and video programs.  When he’s not traveling, he lives in Buffalo, New York, and regularly works cattle on the SK Herford Ranch near Medina, New York.


Roger Firestien, PHD







Jody Fisher is a workshop architect, facilitator and trainer. She is a founder of Seedling Partners LLC and Chief Wonderer at Wonderer LLC. Jody is a former member of the innovation team at Nestlé Purina PetCare, where she facilitated the generation of new product and business model ideas. She became interested in deliberate creativity during her 15 years working in advertising and promotions as a creative director and copywriter. Jody earned her Master of Science in Creativity from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State in 2013. She is a CPSI leader and has presented at Florida Creativity Weekend.




Janice Francisco is an organizational development and innovation consultant who operates at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation to improve organizational performance. She gets a real kick out of connecting individuals to their own creativity and helping managers and teams solve complex challenges, foster cultures of innovation, and boost creative, critical and strategic thinking. She has over 20 years experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors and is recognized as an expert on government innovation, which she insists, is by no means an oxymoron.  Janice graduated from ICSC in 2007 with a MSc Creativity and Change Leadership. She has great passion for the Creativity Expert’s Exchange and what it has to offer the ICSC community and is excited about being able to contribute to the redesign of the CEE experience.

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Vivian Geffen is an ICSC alumni and founder of CreativityMuse. Since graduating she has used her education to create and deliver workshops that are both practical and transformative. It is her passion to hold space for deep inquiry and pro-active change. An avid attendee of many workshops through the years, she has a passion for this form of delivering content and connecting with people. She currently runs two signature workshops in Santa Monica, where she lives: Evolutionary Improv and The Creative Core she is also adjunct faculty at Santa Barbara City College where she teaches Improvisation. 




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 Dee Langsenkamp is a mother, media personality, artist, leader, pathological gap sensor, and persistent solution seeker, with a Masters in Creative Studies from Buffalo State’s ICSC.  Dee’s fascinated by the many ways our individual preferences for approaching creative process intersect with mental function, especially as it relates to the unconscious power of the brain.  Dee is a recipient of the 2016 Mary Murdock Creative Spirit Award, and 2015 GSA Academic Excellence award.  Her BA in Commercial Illustration is from Syracuse University.  In between hosting radio and television programs, Dee is currently collaborating with ICSC alumni on a number of projects.













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Karina has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from ITESM CCM. She worked at Eli Lilly Mexico for almost 8 years in different positions including Sales Strategy specialist, Keflex brand manager, and Cialis brand manager. She earned a master of science degree in Creative Studies and Change Leadership at SUNY Buffalo State. She has been working with entrepreneurs at the Small Business Development Center at Buffalo State and also managing the Buffalo State Business INCubator. She is a fixer by nature and a creativity preacher by heart. Her current area of interest is the amazing world of Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

Ismet Mamnoon is a self-professed “Parentologist” who has been writing about parenting for over 36 years. She was one of the founders of the Beyonder Academy and currently she serves as a facilitator at KnowInnovation for promoting team science with academics from all over the world. She is also a trainer and facilitator at Innovation Bound where she designs and delivers training for corporate clients. Ismet graduated from the ICSC in 2013 and is also a certified as facilitator for Polarities, FourSight and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Ismet has authored several books, a Parenting tool kit and created card decks related to her work in the field of creativity.  She received the Firestien Family Creative Achievement award, the President’s Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student at Buffalo State and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for her work in creativity. 


Greg Melia, CAE is Chief Member Relations and Strategy Development Officer for ASAE, The Center for Association Leadership. ASAE is the worldwide professional society for those who work at trade associations, professional societies and membership organizations. He has been on the ASAE staff since May 2004, and earned his ICSC graduate certificate by taking the “long path” participating in three summers of onsite programming.  Since graduating, Greg has integrated creativity into his work and presentations, including frequent use of divergence/convergence exercises, PPCO, visual connections, and TRIZ 9-Box, which he continues to explain through the analogy of macaroni and cheese. 

Greg’s honors and awards include being a member of the inaugural class of Coca-Cola Scholars, earning the Certified Association Executive credential, being named an Associations TRENDS "Young & Aspiring Association Professional" (2009), and more recently, selection as an honorary member of FarmHouse Fraternity, one of only 43 individuals ever selected by its international board of directors for the honor.

Greg is a social media junkie, Scotch collector, and lifelong Patriots fan. He lives in Falls Church, Virginia with his wife Amy, and daughters Francesca and Marguerite. 



Dorte is a creativity author, keynote speaker and the founder of FourSight Denmark. Dorte is also the founder of ”Creative Communication” an award winning BA education for Art Directors and conceptual thinkers at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, where she teaches, conducts research and consults in the area of creativity and creative thinking. Dorte is the author of numerous books and articles on creative thinking, including The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker (released May 2016), which she co-authored with Sarah Thurber. Dorte is also coauthor of Inspired – How creative people think, work and find inspiration, The idea book (Danish), Unbound – An Introduction to Creative Process, Facilitation and Grundbog for Art Directors (Danish). Dorte holds the position of Chairman of Creative Circle, the Danish society for the creative industries. 


President of Synergetic Management, Trevor is an expert business coach who helps individuals and teams become highly innovative. He is also an expert in turning the human-side of the profitability equation into a sustainable competitive advantage using proven performance improvement approaches.

Trevor is a Professional Engineer with an Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership (soon to be a Master of Science degree) from SUNY, College at Buffalo (a.k.a., Buffalo State College).

He lives with his wife and wonderful, energetic young children in Ontario, Canada.


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Alison Murphy is a partner of Murphy Marketing Research/TRENDTOWN, an insights consulting firm, and Seedling Partners, LLC. Murphy works with Fortune 100 clients in the areas of anything new – new markets, new strategies and new products.  She is passionate about creating highly collaborative workshops designed to teach CPS techniques while at the same time help clients gain fresh thinking for addressing real-world challenges.

Alison completed an MSc in Creative Studies and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University. She is a CPSI leader, involved in the Milwaukee Creativity Alliance and has presented at Florida Creativity Weekend.



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Serap Gurak Ozdemir is a creativity researcher. She is passionate about creativity in education, and her vision is to spread creativity in education around the world. She completed her BS in Science and Technology Teaching at Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey. She also received a teaching certificate of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

and a certificate of photography. She recently received her MS in Creative Studies from the International

Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State. She conducted research for her master's thesis on teachers’ perceptions of an ideal student in terms of their FourSight preferences.


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Dr. Brett Richards is the President of Connective Intelligence Inc., a niche consultancy which specializes in the development of customized training and organizational development solutions in a wide range of industries, globally. Brett offers deep expertise in organizational and executive development, innovation, team collaboration, and strategic thinking. Brett is also a sought after industry practitioner instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, affiliated with York University’s Business School.

Brett’s dissertation focused on organizational innovation and cognition, and he has developed a new empirical tool to assess an organization’s ability to innovateand transform called the OGI® (Organizational Growth Indicator).




Suzanna holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University (TAMU) and an M.S. in Creative Studies from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Her research interests include building

academic literacy of children from poverty and cross-cultural creativity.

Suzanna earned several awards, including the “President’s Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student” and “Outstanding Master’s Thesis” from SUNY Buffalo State, as well as the “Distinguished Honor Graduate Award” from TAMU. She is currently a research project director at TAMU, investigating how visualization builds complex language and

expands working memory of students in poverty identified with verbal and nonverbal intelligence gaps.

Melanie Rothschild, author of The Art of Mistakes (North Light Books), and 2011 ICSC graduate, has made her living as a self-taught artist for over three decades. She considers moxie, an irreverent nature, and respect for mistakes to be the tools of her trade. Her work is represented by FP Contemporary in Los Angeles and Michael Warren in Denver.






Laura is the president of LAMA Innovation (www.lamainnovation.com). She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and a Masters of Science from the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) at Buffalo State College.  Having developed her critical, analytical and creative thinking skills, Laura has served a diverse set of clients.  

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Gerard J. Puccio is Department Chair and Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State; a unique academic department that offers the world's only Master of Science degree in creativity. Gerard has written more than 50 articles, chapters and books, including The Innovative Team and Creative Leadership: Skills that Drive Change. In recognition of his outstanding work as a scholar, Dr. Puccio received the State University of New York Chancellor's Recognition Award for Research Excellence, as well as the President's Medal for Scholarship and Creativity.

Dr. Puccio is an accomplished speaker and consultant; he has worked with major corporations, universities, and numerous school districts. He has delivered creativity workshops and presentations across the United States and in more than 20 different countries. 
In 2012 Dr. Puccio was selected by the Teaching Company to deliver one of their “Great Courses,” titled The Creative Thinker’s Tool Box.  Gerard holds a Ph.D. in organizational psychology from the University of Manchester, England.






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Jennifer Quarrie is a strategic thinker with a passion for creativity.  She applies her foundation in Cognitive Neuroscience (BA) and Creativity (MSc) to bring elements of metacognition to her professional consulting, facilitation, instructional design, analytics, writing and design.  Jennifer’s creativity research interests include genuine listening, wellness, physical climate, nature, neuroscience, inspiration, meaning, intuition and quantum mechanics.  

Jennifer currently serves as a Senior Innovation Strategist at Booz, Allen & Hamilton, where she develops innovation strategies, builds innovative cultures, conducts innovation metrics and analytics, designs virtual ideation and collaboration tools,

and pioneers crowdsourcing initiatives.  She finds inspiration and balance through family, travel, yoga, dance, music, poetry, hand crafts, and photography.




Hector holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a focus on Creativity, Intelligence, and Giftedness from Texas A&M University. His area of research is cognitive fixation in leaders from non-profit organizations. He has an M.S. degree in Creative Studies from SUNY, Buffalo State. Hector has trained and coached business executives and community leaders in applied

creativity and innovation in Singapore, Indonesia, India, Estonia, Dubai, and the United States, including business directors undergoing the Buffalo Creativity Certification Program in Mexico. Hector is currently a faculty member of Texas A&M University. He coordinates and teaches the Creative Studies Minor for undergraduates.

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Mark Runco has studied creativity and innovation for 35 years. He holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and is Professor at the University of Georgia, as well as Distinguished Research Fellow at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. He is founding Editor of the Creativity Research Journal and is on the Editorial Board of Creativity and Innovation Management, the Journal of Creative Behavior and various other academic journals. He is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Creativity (1999, 2011) and in 2015 he collaborated with the International Center for Studies in Creativity to introduce two new academic journals, Business Creativity and the Creative Economy and the Journal of Genius and Eminence. 

His textbook Creativity: Research, development, and practice (Academic Press, 2010) has been translated into six languages and was revised and expanded in 2014. 

Dr. Runco was also co-editor of the  Companion to Creativity and Innovation, as well as Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. He was the Torrance Professor and Director of the Torrance Creativity Center at UGA and is Past President of the American Psychological Association’s Division 10.

Dr. Runco has published approximately 200 articles, chapters, and books on creativity and innovation.



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