Faculty/Alumni Collaboratives

Sunday, June 12  3:00 - 4:30 pm

Faculty and alums will co-present workshops highlighting cutting-edge research and exciting new initiatives. 

Measuring Shifts in Organization's Creative Mindset

Presenters:  Dr. Gerard Puccio and Dr. Brett Richards

In this highly applied session, participants will explore their own experiences and challenges associated with quantitatively measuring shifts in their client organization`s creative and innovative mindsets. The session will introduce a new tool which assesses an organization`s ability to grow through innovation and adaptive change, called the Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI). Participants will review a pre-post study at Sheridan College which demonstrates a significant, positive impact of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) workshops on Sheridan`s overall creative mindset. Drawing on these insights, participants will explore how they can evaluate and link CPS training events to broader business transformation solutions.

Minding the Gap


Presenters:  Dr. Cyndi Burnett, Janice Francisco, and Dee Langsenkamp

Creative problem solving has long been taught as a cognitive thinking model.  The challenge with this is that we know intuition comes into play in creative process.  Teaching and facilitating CPS without an appreciation for the role of intuition in CPS means that we are operating with only part of the picture.  How are you prepared to mind this gap?

How might a balance between intuition and cognitive thinking improve creative problem solving outcomes?  How might we mind the gap between cognitive thinking and intuitive insights in CPS?

As a result of this workship, participants will value the importance of taking a holistic approach to CPS teaching and faicilitation; know a representational model for intuition; and evaluate their own practices for teaching and facilitating CPS; and keep open to the use of intuition in CPS and creative process.


Pursuing a PhD in Creativity

Presenters:   Dr. Selcuk Acar, Molly Holinger, Dr. Hector Ramos, and Dr. Suzanna Ramos

For those who are simply curious or for those looking specifically for a doctoral degree in creativity, where do you start? How do you get accepted? What is the doctoral experience like? This session will offer four unique perspectives on studying creativity at the doctoral level. Recent graduate of ICSC Molly Holinger will discuss the doctoral application process and where to look for a creativity-focused doctoral program. Drs. Hector and Suzanna Ramos, recent graduates of Texas A&M University, will discuss their doctoral experiences and offer advice for those following in their footsteps. Finally, Dr. Selcuk Acar will discuss the post-Ph.D. life. An extensive question-answer session will follow. Participants are encouraged to bring prepared questions but will also be given an opportunity to formulate questions during the session. 

Master the Inside Moves of CPS


Presenters:  Dr. Roger Firestien and Ismet Mamnoon

Do you want to make your facilitation sessions smooth and seamless? Do you want dramatically improve your facilitation skills so that you can consistently produce breakthroughs for your clients, or do you just want to up your game? In this highly interactive session, you will experience, practice and explore the “inside moves” that make the Creative Problem Solving process flow smoothly and effectively. This session is designed to help beginning and advanced facilitators significantly improve their skills at facilitating the CPS process. Participants are asked to bring their facilitation challenges and issues to the session.

Creativity in Practice

Sunday, June 12  1:00 - 2:30 pm

Learn how other creativity experts tackle difficult challenges in work settings (i.e. writing winning proposals, dealing with large groups)


Presenters will facilitate a learning environment in which participants can explore their own challenges in business, non-profit, and educational settings. 

The Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation: Creating a Transformational Learning Experience

Presenters:  Clara Kluk, Laura Switalski, and Tim Switalski

Many organizations claim to be innovative but few are able to practice it in a systematic way. Our focus in the session will be on how to develop creative thinking skills for leaders in organizations that lead to innovative results. We will share our experience over the past three years offering the Certificate in Creative Leadership and Facilitation for Innovation in Mexico.  This 10-month certificate program, fully endorsed by ICSC, is targeted to business leaders who learn and practice facilitation skills in Creative Problem Solving. We will describe a multi-dimensional, accelerated learning approach that combines training, coaching, field practice, and portfolio development, to produce a transformational learning experience. We will highlight the lessons learned and explore with the audience implications for business applications and research opportunities.

Crossing the Streams - An Introduction to Agile and Design Thinking

Presenter:  Mike Ackerbauer

Have you heard of Design Thinking or Agile? Companies like IBM are betting big on the promise of creating sustainable experiences that delight its customers. So how do they compare
with breakthrough thinking? Where do seemingly disparate methodologies come together, and how should the creative problem solving community take advantage of their growing popularity?

Because enterprises are increasingly embracing creativity, CPS practitioners need to consider how to see competing techniques as an opportunity, not a threat. For enterprise innovators, the
uphill battle of selling applied innovation is formidable. Finding and leveraging inflection points between complementary practices is the new black.

CPS Meets Stormz

Presenter:  Ginny Santos

Have you gotten tired of typing up post-it notes and flip chart sheets? Are you ready to facilitate CPS electronically? Whether your participants are all in the same room or in different countries you can now facilitate a wide range of CPS tools from every stage of the process by using the Stormz platform.

As a result of this workshop, learners will have the ability to use Stormz to facilitate or train in at least one stage of the CPS process. Those who choose to can use this session as their initiation into the Stormz Certification.

A Teacher's Perception of Students' Creativity Characteristics

Presenter:  Serap Ozdemir

There were some widespread issues about creativity in education. One of these issues is teachers’ perceptions of students' creativity characteristics. This session will use Torrance's "Ideal Child Checklist" to raise awareness  of student’s creativity characteristics and how these characteristics are perceived by teachers as related to their FourSight preferences.   This session will provide information about a recent research study conducted with teachers in Western, New York that highlights desirable and undesirable
characteristics identified by teachers.

How Might We Coach Clients to Use Their Own Creativity?

Presenter:  Trevor McAlpine

Is coaching creativity’s “undiscovered country?”  This workshop showcases the Torrance Incubation Model (TIM) of Teaching and Learning in a coaching context.  Non-directive (Socratic) coaching engages learning and creativity in the pursuit of performance. Making creative connections is a key component of learning; however, mostnteaching approaches are somewhat directive, and thus hamper creativity. How can coaches accelerate learning without veering into (directive) teaching approaches that hinder creativity?

The answer:  TIM - a non-directive teaching approach that stimulates creativity.   Come see how coaches (and you) can use TIM to improve learning, creativity, and coaching.

CPS Meets Six Sigma

Presenter:  Laura Ryan

Often times we are asked about alternative problem solving models. In manufacturing, and most recently health care, six sigma has become widely used. Let's compare, contrast, and explore a bifurcation of the CPS model with the six sigma model.

CEE Talks

Monday, June 13  9:00 - 12:15 pm

The International  Center for Studies in Creativity has selected eleven creativity experts to present short (7-10min) "TED-like" talks to expand our experience of applied creativity and innovation.  These presentations are intended to be brief and thought-provoking snapshots of the current pulse of creativity and innovation.

A Daily Dose of Ethnography


Presenter:  Helene Cahen

Underachieving Children from Poverty

Presenter:  Suzanna Ramos

Entrepreneurs as Creative Leaders


Presenter:  Karina Loera Barcenas

The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker:  How to Make Connections Others Don't

Presenter:  Dorte Nielsen

Sentient Surroundings:  The Importance of Physical Setting in Creative Climate

Presenter:  Jennifer Quarrie

Bringing Creativity Home


Presenter:  Ismet Mamnoon

Mechanisms of Change


Presenter:  Jim Wardlaw

Embodying Creativity

Presenter: Sarah Thurber

The Art of Mistakes


Presenter:  Melanie Rothschild

Design Thinking Demystified


Presenter:  Peter Zapf

Deep Dives:  Dialogue, Exploration, and Fun!

Monday, June 13  1:15 - 3:15 pm

Mining Key Insights


Presenter:  Tamara Doleman

Using the Mandala as a tool for insight, incubation and discovery. Let's make a creative product to take away. At conferences and workshops we are often inspired by amazing ideas but we get so little time to process and apply and develop our thoughts around them. How might we get a chance to dig deeper and spend some time incubating on ideas in a way that further exercises our own expressive creativity. How might we create a collaborative artifact that synthesizes our collective experience of the conference?

Free Verse is the Form That Will Save Us!

Presenter:  Kathryn Haydon


Come to this session open to new experiences and ready to tap into your own creativity.  Catalysts will spark creative expression as you learn a new and surprising creative writing tool that can be applied to your own facilitations: free verse poetry.  After taking time to experience poetry, we will explore this challenge question: How might I customize and apply this tool to my own professional or personal life?  You will leave the session inspired, with a new technique to customize for your toolkit.

Growing TIM into Seedling:  From the Classroom to the "Innovation Room"


Presenters:  Jody Fisher and Alison Murphy

Have you wondered how the Torrance Incubation Model applies to your work if you’re not a teacher? Do you scratch your head when you see the TIM “cube”? Join us to learn about the Seedling session planning system, adapted from the work of esteemed creativity researcher E. Paul Torrance. The Seedling system incorporates the three-stage model, creativity skills and information processing strategies in a way that’s easy to understand and apply in planning facilitations. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the Seedling system, learn from real-life applications in business settings, and practice designing a session. This TIM-inspired system is not just for teachers: it's for anyone who wants to tap into and maximize the creativity thinking abilities of the participants in innovation projects.

Demolishing Cognitive Blocks to Build Mental Flexibility


Presenter:  Dr. Hector Ramos

This experiential session will show how cognitive fixation occurs in many areas of problem solving. The session will also highlight strategies to help participants move beyond hidden cognitive and emotional blocks to a variety of contexts from teaching to coaching.  Participants will enhance their appreciation for the psychology of creativity; be able to identify mental blocks in creative thinking; and use strategies to produce original alterternative options that resolve cognitive fixation.

Taking Charge of Getting Your Message Out: Create and Deliver Your Own Workshop

Presenter:  Vivian Geffen

This is a workshop about workshops. Why? Because workshops are a great way to get yourself in front of new people, to hone your message, and to establish yourself as a professional in your field. After this session you will have the confidence to plan and deliver a workshop of your own. We will look at common fears and pitfalls and practice developing your sense of presence, flexibility, and play. We'll discuss practical elements, leveraging skills you already have, and the elements that lead to satisfied and engaged participants.

Add a Dash of European Style to Your Transformation Session


Presenter:  Branko Broekman

This deep dive will offer an insight in the nuts and bolts of an ideation session European style.  In the past 40 years, the Center for the Development of Creative Thinking has worked out several techniques to run smooth transformation sessions, building upon the Osborn-Parnes model.  Branko will share how to run a transformation European style.  Experience how a good ideation phase and a convergent phase both come in threes and walk away with a divergent and a convergent tool that you can adopt.

Roots of Creativity in the Arabic Culture

Presenter:  Randah Taher

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