Attention parents. CEE has a program for kids 8 and up!



"Beyonder Pop-Up @CEE"


So what’s all this Beyonder Pop-Up stuff anyway?


It’s like a creativity food truck at CEE for kids…While parents are busy getting their creative juices flowing at the Creativity Expert Exchange Conference, kids will be able to sample some of Beyonder's favorite creativity adventures. From junk inventions, to a creative strengths obstacle course to a little innovative arts studio, over the course of two days, Beyonders will be immersed in an interactive, brain-bending experience that will give them practice in some of the creativity basics, like divergent and convergent thinking. Kids will see, hear, smell, and feel the creativity!


It’s not just for kids either, big kids (a.k.a. adults) are welcome too! We know that sometimes you just need a play break and what better way than to stop by the Beyonder Pop-Up and have real kids show you how it’s done?


What can parents expect from a Beyonder
Pop-Up experience? 


Every Beyonder experience is different because each kid is different, and the kids play a role in determining where we ultimately take our adventures! We have activities that cover a wide range of interests, like science, the arts, and even sports, and there is a little something for everyone. But no matter which direction they lean, you can expect that your kids will have the opportunity to learn and develop some creativity skills, like coming up with lots of ideas and using affirmative judgment. They will have opportunities solve challenges, learn about their own creative strengths and try their hand at inventing and prototyping. By the end of the Beyonder Pop-Up Youth Program, they will probably have many artifacts to share and more stories than they can tell - but that's OK because their actions over the two days will prove that each and every one of them is a masterfully creative kid who can go beyond what is expected. Our Beyonders never disappoint! 


Where’s this Pop-Up Taking Place?


Contrary to Pop-up event logic, our location is not a mystery. We are setting up in Bulger Communication Center, right alongside the regular CEE Conference.



The Schedule

Sunday June 12

8:30 AM - Noon,  Morning program

Noon - 1 PM, Lunch, kids join their parents

1:00 – 4:30 PM,  Afternoon program


Monday June 13

8:30 AM - Noon, Morning program

Noon - 1 PM, Lunch, kids join their parents

1:00 – 4:30 PM,  Afternoon program



Age Range

Kids ages 8 and up




$100 per child per day/$200 for 2 days



Who’s leading the Pop-up Youth Program at CEE?


Beyonder Co-Founders, Pamela Szalay ‘08 and Jenna Smith ’12. The creativity community associated with the International Center for Studies in Creativity is so important to us --you’re our friends, colleagues, and inspiration so stop by and say hi or even join in our play breaks. We’d love to have you. In case we haven’t crossed paths, here’s a little bit about us.




Co-Founder & Director of Adventure


Maker. Marketer. Adventurer. Big kid but about the same size as most Beyonders. Jenna has created event experiences for all ages. She designs our Beyonder environment and makes sure our adventures are kid-tested and Beyonder approved.




Co-Founder & Director of Play


Instructional Designer. Musician. And head of all things Beyonder. You can often find Pam riffing some one note Blues with Beyonders, inventing new games, and helping Beyonders discover their own creative strengths.



  • Child Care - Saturday, June 11 5:30 -10:00 pm While the adults are enjoying a Jeffersonian Dinner at The Foundry, children can enjoy spending time with other creative kids under the supervision of a licensed child care provider.  Fee per child is $30.  Add this option with your registration.

  • Child Care - Sunday, June 12 - 5:30 -10:00 pm    While parents are enjoying dinner and a keynote with Mark Runco at the Burchfield Penny Art Center. children can enjoy spending time with other creative kids under the supervision of a licensed child care provider. Fee is $30 per child.  Add this option with your registration.

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